Password protection

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Password menu

You may use a password to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing Any Weblock. To manage your password, click the Password button in the main window, and a password menu will be shown.

Any Weblock - password menuPassword menu for security options

Create a password

Choose Create from the password menu. Enter necessary details and click the OK button to save them.

Any Weblock - create a passwordCreate a password to prevent unauthorized access

Note: The secret question and answer is the ONLY way to remove your password. Do NOT forget them. The author has neither responsibility nor means to help you.

Change your password

Choose Change from the password menu. The Change your password window is similar to the Create a password window. Change necessary details and click the OK button to save them.

Note: For security reason, the original password is not displayed.

Remove your password

Choose Remove from the password menu. You will be prompted to confirm your action.

Login (authentication)

You need to enter your password on startup in order to access Any Weblock after you have created a password.

Any Weblock - Any Weblock loginAny Weblock login - supply password

Note: If you forgot your password, click the Forgot password link. If you answer your secret question correctly, your password will be removed. No other password removal or recovery method is available.