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To change options for Any Wallpaper, click the Options button from the main configuration window.

Any Wallpaper screenshot - optionsOptions window for customization

Change frequencies

There are four modes available:

  • Change on startup
  • Change at regular time intervals
  • Change every several days
  • Disable automatic change

Once you have chosen a mode, there will be further customizations, e.g. the time or day intervals, if applicable.

Note: Even if you disable automatic change, you may still change the wallpaper manually by selecting Change now on the shortcut menu accessible from the tray icon Any Wallpaper - tray area icon.

Wallpaper positions

The following diagrams demonstrates various wallpaper positions.

Wallpaper position on desktop - tileTile

Wallpaper position on desktop - centerCenter

Wallpaper position on desktop - stretchStretch

Wallpaper position on desktop - fit horizontallyFit horizontally

Wallpaper position on desktop - fit verticallyFit vertically

In addition, you may choose to let Any Wallpaper decide.

  • Auto: automatically decides a position suitable for the wallpaper
  • Autofit: automatically decides between fit horizontally and fit vertically

Change orders

There are two change orders available:

  • Sequential: change wallpapers one by one, in a round-robin style.
  • Random: randomly choose and change wallpapers from the whole set.

Auto-start with Windows

Check Launch this program when Windows starts to enable automatic wallpaper change. You need to enable this option to allow Any Wallpaper to run properly.

If you do not want to use Any Wallpaper temporarily, you may uncheck this option instead of uninstalling it.