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Period Calculator, keeping track of women's menstrual cycle


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v1.1.1 - 26th July 2008

The install program should accept .NET framework 3.5 as well.
New languages: German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Japanese and Chinese (Traditional).

v1.1.0 - 3rd January 2008

Multi-language support.
Error messages on wallpaper change failure.
Random or sequential selection of wallpapers.
Current wallpaper information.
Option to include or exclude wallpapers in subfolders.
Now correctly activates the first instance on relaunch.
Now retains user settings after upgrading.
Manually changing a wallpaper no longer updates last change time.
Double-clicking the tray icon changes wallpaper instead of restoring the main window.
New language: Chinese (Simplified), in addition to English.

v1.0.4 - 29th November 2007

Fixed a crash when a folder used by the program is deleted.
Now correctly sizes wallpapers to accomodate the desktop.
Fixed a bug that wallpaper is not changed every several days when Windows is running continuously.
Improved memory management.
Uninstall feedback points to a new web address.

v1.0.3 - 24th July 2007

Minor change in user-interface text.
Uninstall feedback points to a new web address.

v1.0.2 - 18th July 2007

Now correctly changes wallpaper according to timer after restart.

v1.0.1 - 10th July 2007

Now correctly saves user settings upon Windows shutdown, restart or logoff.
Fixed a crash when exiting if it is not starting with Windows.
Now correctly displays the program icon in Add/Reomve Programs.
Fixed a broken link to access the user manual.

v1.0.0 - 3rd July 2007

First public version.