Getting started

Period Calculator, keeping track of women's menstrual cycle

Tray area icon

Any Wallpaper will add an icon Any Wallpaper - tray area icon to the tray area. You always start Any Wallpaper by right clicking this icon. Double clicking this icon will change your wallpaper immediately.

Any Wallpaper screenshot - tray area iconTray area icon - click to access Any Wallpaper

Shortcut menu

When right click the icon Any Wallpaper - tray area icon, a shortcut menu will popup.

Any Wallpaper screenshot - shortcut menuShortcut menu

  • Restore main window: show the main window to configure Any Wallpaper
  • Change now: change wallpaper immediately
  • Clear wallpaper: remove the wallpaper on the desktop
  • Last wallpaper info: information about the wallpaper last changed by Any Wallpaper