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To configure Any Wallpaper, right click the tray icon Any Wallpaper - tray area icon, and select Restore main window.

Any Wallpaper screenshot - main windowMain window for configuration

Manage wallpaper folders

Adding a folder

Click the Add button to add a wallpaper folder. By default, its subfolders are also automatically included. To change this behaviour, see the Include/exclude subfolders section below.

Remove a folder

Click the Remove button to remove a selected folder. You will be prompted to confirm your action before actually removing it.

To temporarily disable a folder without removing it, see the Disable/enable a folder section below.

Include/exclude subfolders

Click the Toggle button to switch between inclusion and exclusion of subfolders for the selected folder.

Open a folder

Click the Open button to open the selected folder and browse it.

Disable/enable a folder

You may disable a folder without removing it. Select a folder, and clear the corresponding checkbox on its left (i.e. make it unchecked). Disabled folders are excluded from the set of wallpapers to be used unless you enable them later.

To enable it, simply check the checkbox instead.


  • Click the Options button to choose options for Any Wallpaper.
  • Click the Update check button to check for new version online.
  • Click the Languages button to choose a language for the user-interface.