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Now, you have a picture scramble puzzle ready for play. To start the game, click the Scramble & Play button in the main window. The picture will be scrambled and a random tile will be missing, so that you can move the rest of the tiles around. You goal is to restore the original picture by moving the tiles.

Any Picture Scramble screenshot - a scrambled pictureA scrambled picture with a tile missing

Move a tile

You can only move a tile to the missing tile if the missing tile is directly besides it. To move a tile, you have two methods:

  • Click the tile you want to move, or
  • Press one of the arrow keys on your keyboard, which indicates the direction of movement.

When you move a tile, you will hear a sound effect. When you try to move a tile surrounded by borders or other tiles, you will hear another sound effect.

Check original picture

In case you need to look at the original picture, click the Show Original button. The original picture will appear and meanwhile you cannot play the puzzle.

When you want to go back to play, click the Hide Original button which appears after you click the Show Original button.

Win the game

When you achieve the goal to move all the tiles to their original places, congratulations! You have won the game and the missing tile will appear. You will also hear a sound effect of applause. Now, you can check your total time spent and number of moves made below the picture in the main window.

Abort the game

You can abort the current game and start a new one by clicking the New Game or Scramble & Play button at any time.