View chatlogs

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You can view chatlogs in the main window. You chatlogs might be stored across multiple folders. You only need to add the folders to Any Chatlog for Live Messenger. The program will then automatically sort through the chatlogs and organize them according contacts and session. You can then view chatlogs from all the folders seamlessly.

Select a contact & session

Any Chatlog for Live Messenger - contact and session selectionContact and session selection

Click Any Chatlog for Live Messenger - dropdown arrow besides the contact dropdown list to select a contact. After you select a contact, the session dropdown list will be automatically refreshed to contain your chat sessions with that contact.

Then click Any Chatlog for Live Messenger - dropdown arrow besides the session dropdown list to select a session. After you select a session, the chatlog will be automatically refreshed.

By default, all sessions will be loaded. However, you may filter them by setting up chatlog filters. If there is no contact or session, <No contact> or <No session> will be displayed in the dropdown lists.

Note: Contacts are listed in alphabetical order (a-z) and sessions are listed in chronological order (most recent first).


The chatlog with the selected contact and of the selected session is displayed in the main window. Messages are colored alternatingly, grouped by the sender of the message.

Any Chatlog for Live Messenger - Chatlog for selected contact and sessionChatlog for selected contact and session in alternating colors

Force refresh

Although your contacts, sessions and chatlog will be refreshed automatically, you may still click the Refresh button to force a refresh. For example, you may do so when the external Live Messenger chatlog files are updated.