Chatlog filters

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By default, all sessions will be loaded. However, you may filter them by setting up chatlog filters in the main window. There are currently three filters: date, keyword, and limit.

Date filter

Any Chatlog for Live Messenger - date filterDate filter

You may select a date range from the dropdown list.

  • All time - all dates, no restriction
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 days - 7 most recent days, including today
  • This month
  • Last month
  • Custom - customize the date range, choosing any start date and end date

Note: You can only change the start and end dates if you choose Custom.

Keyword filter

Any Chatlog for Live Messenger - keyword filterKeyword filter

You may enter one or more keywords to search for sessions that contain the keywords. Separate multiple keywords by a white space (e.g. my friend germany).

You may also decide whether all of the keywords or any one of them must be present.

Limit filter

Any Chatlog for Live Messenger - limit filterLimit filter

You may also limit the number of sessions returned.

  • All sessions - return all, no restriction
  • Earliest X - return only first X sessions (time-wise)
  • Latest X - return only last X sessions (time-wise)

Apply and reset

  • Click the Apply button to allow changes to take effect.
  • Click the Reset button to clear all filters.