Any Weblock - the blocker

Product description

Any Weblock - A clean and safe InternetVersion: 1.1.0
Filesize: 362KB
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The free web content control software that block acess to any website on your computer.

Any Weblock is a web content control software that gives you the power to block any website on your local computer. It works with any web browser and displays a fake error page. No network knowledge required to configure. You only need to know the domain/subdomain names of the websites to be blocked.

Possible uses include parental control (porns, online games or chat rooms) and ads or malicious content blocking.

Summary of features

  • Works with any web browser
  • Block websites and additional subdomains
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized access
  • Blocking remains intact even after uninstalling, unless properly unblocked by this program.
  • Export and import to share block list among computers
  • Auto-backup and roll back to a previous backup


Manange block list

  • Add, modify or remove block entries.
  • Export or import block list.

Any Weblock screenshot - main window

Block new website

  • Add a website domain for blocking.
  • Enter any additional subdomains for blocking.
  • Choose to block main domain or only its subdomains.

Any Weblock screenshot - block new website

Import block list

  • Append the entries from the imported list to current list.
  • Replace the current list entirely with the imported list.

Any Weblock screenshot - import from an external file

Password protection

  • Create a password to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Decide a secret question and answer for password reset.

Any Weblock screenshot - create a password

Backup and roll back

  • Backups are automatically created.
  • Choose a limit for the number of backups.
  • Roll back to a previous backup.

Any Weblock screenshot - roll back