Who's behind AnyUtils

My name is Florian. I have developed and maintained AnyUtils website and products since 2007.

I am a hobbyist programmer, and an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science. I developed these Windows-based utilities during my spare time, most of which were originally intended for enhancing my own computing experience.

As they have helped me a lot, I have made them available online to benefit others who need similar software.

Free download and use

At the moment all AnyUtils software are free of charge. Please do not misinterpret "free of charge" as "free". They are copyrighted software, not public domain software. Please read the License Agreements of individual products for the restrictions on distribution and use.


Microsoft Visual C# Express Edition
It is a free developer tool that has made AnyUtils products possible.

Jordan Russell's Inno Setup
It is the free tool used to package AnyUtils products.


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  • Any Weblock License Agreement Open link
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